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Inserting Symbols
  1. When you begin constructing a diagram, you start with your main idea.

  2. When you open Inspiration®, a new untitled diagram with a Main Idea symbol appears. 

  3. Type your main idea over the text "main idea" that appears in the Main Idea symbol.

Changing Symbols
  1. Select the symbol or symbols you want to change.

  2. On the Symbol palette, click the library symbol you want to use in its place.

  3. The symbol on your diagram changes to the library symbol.

Adding Links
  1. Click the Link button on the Diagram toolbar.

  2. Select the primary idea symbol, the one from which you want to originate the link

  3. Select the secondary idea symbol, the one you want to link to.  The link appears and the arrowhead points to the secondary symbol.

  4. Repeat the process to link more symbols together.

  5. To turn off the Link tool, click the Link button again, or click anywhere in the diagram background.

Adding Text to Links
  1. Select the link to which you want to add text.

  2. Type your text.

  3. When you finish typing, click elsewhere on the diagram.   The text appears across the link on your diagram.

Inserting a Graphic
  1. Click on the diagram where you want to place the graphic.

  2. On the Edit menu, choose Insert Graphic.

  3. Select the file you want to insert, and then click Open.

  4. The graphic appears on the diagram.

Using Create Button
  1. Select the idea symbol on your diagram that the new idea relates to by clicking it.

  2. On the Diagram toolbar, click the arrow on either of the Create buttons that points in the direction where you want to add the new idea.  Each arrow on the button works like a separate tool. Position the pointer over the one you want to use, then click it.  The new symbol appears on your diagram connected to the primary symbol in the direction you chose. The new symbol is selected and ready for you to enter an idea.

  3. Type your idea in the symbol


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